Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Hanging Around Part II

So continues the nice sunny weather & more kitties come out to play....

Sunkisst (yes, double 's'), Bleedy, Pinkyton & Missoni catching the lst few rays of sunlight.

Sunkisst, another lying-down kitty, looks abit more sane than Moonshine. She loves the sun... Moonshine just lurks around at night, really....

Bleedy, promised to Nin, my cat friend, who incidentally sews these wonderful silhouettes, also available at Etsy.

Pinkyton (now renamed Kylee) used to eyes like Bleedy's. She's had plastic surgery & her eyes are hand-embroidered now as she is promised to a new-born girl (called Kylee, of course!). For the uninitiated, softies for kiddies under the age of 3 (well, 4, to be safe) shouldn't have any sew-on (or stuck-on) small parts (like buttons) as they might chew them off & swallow them. And all our pullable parts (ears, arms & tails) are sewn over at least thrice for durable play. Read more here.

Gotta get a better picture of this.....

Missoni (aptly named after the brand of stripey knitwear), would love to change her clothes every now & then, but can't. We think it might be personality disorder... as in... she thinks she might be a human....

Sunkisst, Bleedy & Missoni - $59 each
Pinkyton - $59 + $5 (embroidered eyes) + $5 (embroidered name) = $69

Just Hanging Around

The sun is out & bright today, so the kitties wanted to come out to hang around.....

..... literally....

Ana - She looks a bit bewildered, but she knows she's analogous!

Glocks - He's wearing gloves & socks!

SportySweets - A vain (probably quite vapid too) but sweet, sporty-looking girl. Maybe she just wants to hook up with a jock.

SportySweets is made out of tube socks! We HEART HEART HEART tube socks!! In fact, she looks like she's wearing tube socks herself! & matching bangles.

Do you notice what these kitties all have in common? ;) Well they're all plain, with details on the limbs. :)

Ana & Glocks - $59 each

SportySweets - $69

Optional :

1) Embroidered Name - $5 per name

2) Embroidered Eyes - $5



Ana has gone home to Francine with new eyes & an embroidered bum. She's 1 year of age at 09/04/11. Happy birthday Francine!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Gifts for a Cat-Loving Couple

Hello all!

These huggable kitties were ordered for wedding gifts for a cat-loving couple. These guys were made way back, but as they were not given yet, I din't post them up... They shoud have been given to their rightful owners already.... erm... right? :P

What a handsome pairsome!

Samples of my (nifty?) handy work

I sometimes wonder if I should sew the button eyes crossed (x) or straight(II). It's a constant battle in my brain just before the sew the eyes on. I am starting to sew them straight as I am bored of crossing them....

Got More Fish Gang (L) - $89

1) Embroidered Eyes - $5
2) Embroidered Name - $5 per name

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Molko, Charlotte's Twin/Brother/Sibling/Whatever.....

If it weren't for the obvious title, people would think that I like to repeat myself over & over again. This is Molko, brother of Charlotte, who was the very first SmeowlyCat (& SmeowlySockCat, as I have categorised them already... check out my Facebook page) ever made....

Should I call him version 2.0?

He hearts Gwen!

Molko is a present for Gwen. I sure hope she doesn't visit this blog. She hasn't received her pressie yet.....
Incidentally, he is not tagged/labelled, as he was made way before Moonshine.

Molko (Sock Cat 'M') - $69 + $10 (embroidered name x 2) + $5 (embroidered eyes) = $84

Monday, June 21, 2010

Moonshine the Lying Down Kitty

Hello there!

Meet our latest orphan, Moonshine. I cannot decide if he is upset because he has not enough catnip or too much off it... but please do note that his eyes are a tad bloodshot.....

......& we wonder why he has to have a lie down........

.... Side view of him lying down..... (BTW, he only comes out at night)

I don't know if anyone would have noticed, but I MUST point out that Moonshine was made out of a heel-less sock. I always had an issue with heel-less socks when making the sitting-down kitties, as they then tend to stand instead of sit, like so:

Observe these 4 kities closely. Cute, yes? Matty on the extreme right sits nicely, because of the presence of a bum, as he was made by socks with heel. The rest of the girls seem to be standing up (or lying on their backs perpectually).

Back view of the kitties.... 3 bumless girls on the left & one boy with bum on the right. Nothing at all wrong with standing kitties, really; the colours for the heel-less socks are way prettier, but my preference is still for heelful (yes I know there is no such word) socks for sitting kitties & heel-less socks for the new lying down kitties like Moonshine. Am I being too fussy?

I really should have thought of this design EONS ago, but better late than never... You obviously can't make Moonshine out of socks with heels.... well, actually, you can, but what a waste of a sock with heel.

TAG! He's it!

Please note that he is the VERY FIRST doll with a SmeowlyCats tag on him!!!! Yes... he (& the rest of his friends) is still sewn (& designed) lovingly by me & me myself!!

One thing to note about the sock animals is that they are done without patterns, so I cannot replicate exactly the same one for you... I can only do one that might be very similar to it, provided I can find the sock again. & yes, if you really insist, I can use any type of sock for any type of design. ;)

Moonshine - $59

1) Embroidered Name - $5 per name
2) Embroidered Eyes - $5

Of Jailbreakers & Persian Peacocks

Oh dearie me... Here at Smeowlycats, we seem to be picking up quite a few orphans!! Here are the latest:

Bonny (Pink & navy stripes) & Clawde (Black & white stripes), the jailbreak kitties. Bonny is the mastermind, whilst Clawde is just a toddler. What? Their names are Bonny & Clawde, not Bonnie & Clyde.....

The Persians. They are made of batik-inspired fabric... Looks like peacocks to me! Rather ornate, & different from the normal kitties I've been making... for a change. Do look forward to new designs!!

Bonny & Clawde (Sock Cats 'Reg') - $59 each
Got More Fish Gang 'L' - $89

1) Embroidered Eyes - $5
2) Embroidered Name - $5 per name

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How Much Is That Doggy in the Window? (And Friends)

Ok, so he's not in a window of a shop... I super loved making this one though!! I think I especially like Daschunds because while I was growing up, my neighbours had one... a black Daschund called Dinah. She was a yappy little thing though, barking away at any & every passer-by.

Front view of Hotdog

Mug shot (or is it Mutt shot?)

Getting cosy with friend Megan

Mr Cool

I cut the body out the same time as the bleu lyon for Gus.... Thought it'd be nice as a cat as well...


HotDog - $120
Sock Cat 'S' - $59
Lanky Cat - $79

1) Embroidered Name - $5/name
2) Embroidered Eyes - $5

Bye bye kitties... Off to New Home You Go

I sent these kitties on their way to their new home yesterday:

The red (Ashlee), grey (Kaitlyn) & green (Matty) are to be re-homed to Australia around Christmas time, whilst the pink (Lynette) is staying here in Singapore!

I have got too many pictures of large-sized 'Got More Fish' Gang so I'm showing my handywork.

Another 'L' GMFG with a name on her tush.

I hope the new owners like them as much as I loved making them. :)

Sock kitties - $59
'Got More Fish?' Gang - $89

1) embroidered eyes - $5
2) embroidered names - $5

Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Homeless Kitties

The odd one out is the odd one homed (6, really.. She's called Loreta now). All the plaid/tartan kitties in this photo are homeless. I call 2 & 3 Sherlock & Watson as they are made out of more suiting material. 1 & 4 are flannel. 5 is shirting material. 6 can be re-made upon request as I still have the material.

Got More fish?