Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wedding Gifts for a Cat-Loving Couple

Hello all!

These huggable kitties were ordered for wedding gifts for a cat-loving couple. These guys were made way back, but as they were not given yet, I din't post them up... They shoud have been given to their rightful owners already.... erm... right? :P

What a handsome pairsome!

Samples of my (nifty?) handy work

I sometimes wonder if I should sew the button eyes crossed (x) or straight(II). It's a constant battle in my brain just before the sew the eyes on. I am starting to sew them straight as I am bored of crossing them....

Got More Fish Gang (L) - $89

1) Embroidered Eyes - $5
2) Embroidered Name - $5 per name

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