Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just in Case You Thought I was Being Lazy.....

.... I'm thinking you were not far from right. I was lazy to take PICTURES of these fellows. I might have had these guys for a month now & I think I was sewing them around the same time as the patchy kitties from the previous post (dated 4th May 2011)!

You might find these guys familiar, as I have done similar ones previously. I shall name these ones B5 & B6 (left & right respectively), should you feel like enquiring about these fellows. 14cm in height.

Yellow with different coloured ears.
Am naming them as such:
Top row: YE1, YE2
Bottom row: YE3, YE4

Turqouise with ears:
Top row: TE1, TE2
Bottom row: TE3, TE4

Gray with ears:
top row: GE1, GE2
Bottom row: GE3, GE4

Brown with ears (left to right): BRE1 & BRE2

Brown striped MiniMeows:
Top row: BR1, BR2, BR3
bottom row: BR4, BR5, BR6

MiniMice. They wear dapper suits. 13cm in height. Adopted but re-doable upon request.

MiniMeows - $29 each

MiniMice - $33 each

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Patchy Kitties!

Patchy kitties. They are made mostly from materials from different socks. I noticed that many people enquire about kitties past-made (and sold off) & unfortunately, I have not been able to get a hold of those socks anymore. LUCKILY, I do not have a habit of throwing away useful looking pieces of cloth/remnants/what-have-you. I kept them in the hopes that I would be able make a patchwork blanky. Kidding.

Bizzy. Made from 4 different remnants, with maroon jersey for the back of her head, underside & tail. She measures 31cm by 11cm & her head is 16cm across.
Adopted. I cannot make another Bizzy, as she was made without pattern & I do not have the exact same fabric anymore. I can make the general lying down kitty, but you'll have to trust me on the shape.

Giddy is also made up from 5 different materials (blue jersey used for his underside & back of head). Measures 26cm by 10cm; head is 18cm across.
Adopted. Like Bizzy, Giddy cannot be repeated to a 'T'.

Mizzy. She is made from 5 different types of materials (she has a brown & lime green underside, like the bellies of these bunnies here). She measures 36cm by 9cm & her head is 15cm across.

Dizzy & Tizzy (both below) are made from different pieces of socks that have been cut forgivingly, to retain their circular bodies. The hardest thing is to sew them neatly so that the stripes are aligned. Especially difficult for stretchy jersey materials. This involves a lot of tacking, so if you see any of this series with 'loose, visible' stitches, they are from my tacking. No undersides of different materials here!

Dizzy measures 40cm by 10cm by 11cm (that's his measurement across his head). You can tell I purposely hoarded materials from the same type of socks to make him!

Tizzy! She is my favourite of this lot! If somebody buys her, I'll be both happy & sad. Happy to have found her a new home, sad because I won't be able to see her anymore.
Tizzy has been adopted! She is in good hands now! I hope to make a similar Tizzy soon! :)

I have more on the way (& some have been reserved by some friends), but I wanted to share these fellows with everyone first!

Bizzy & Giddy - $69
Mizzy, Dizzy & Tizzy - $79

Embroidered Names: $5 per name

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two More Flopsies!!

New Flopses! This time, with corduroy underbellies! Reason? Well, I'm glad you asked!

Well. Although I am not unhappy about Original Flops I being extremely curled-up, it was not my intention for her to be so. So, of course, I had to try to realise my initial plans for her. Right? Call me fussy.

Corduroy bellies also make for texture! Who can honestly tell me that they do not like the feeling of corduoy & velvet?!?!?!

Flops Grey the II. Adopted but re-doable upon request.

Flops Blue looking cool. Gotta love his colourful tail! Aso adopted but re-doable upon request.

Flopses - $63 each


Name embroidery - $5 per name