Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just in Case You Thought I was Being Lazy.....

.... I'm thinking you were not far from right. I was lazy to take PICTURES of these fellows. I might have had these guys for a month now & I think I was sewing them around the same time as the patchy kitties from the previous post (dated 4th May 2011)!

You might find these guys familiar, as I have done similar ones previously. I shall name these ones B5 & B6 (left & right respectively), should you feel like enquiring about these fellows. 14cm in height.

Yellow with different coloured ears.
Am naming them as such:
Top row: YE1, YE2
Bottom row: YE3, YE4

Turqouise with ears:
Top row: TE1, TE2
Bottom row: TE3, TE4

Gray with ears:
top row: GE1, GE2
Bottom row: GE3, GE4

Brown with ears (left to right): BRE1 & BRE2

Brown striped MiniMeows:
Top row: BR1, BR2, BR3
bottom row: BR4, BR5, BR6

MiniMice. They wear dapper suits. 13cm in height. Adopted but re-doable upon request.

MiniMeows - $29 each

MiniMice - $33 each

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