Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Hearts Jac, a Fellow with Much Character

As I type, this fellow is on his way home by bike courier. This is his story:

Star was rescued by a lady called Jac. He was showered with lots of love & a purple security towel. When Casey & Eva came along to provide him a permanent loving home, he was bundled up, plus purple towel to his spanking new home, as they were afraid he might be depressed, away from Jac. True enough, he clung on to the towel for a week. Now he is revelling in a loving environment, but still uses his precious towel. Heh.

Right profile.

Left profile. Most of the pictures of Star were of him with his mouth open & tongue visible, so I added the sticking out tongue for a goofily happy look. Sort of like after running around in the grass field for half an hour kind of look. Note his pinkish nose & slightly clipped ear. Being a fashion conscious pooch, do note his signature bandana too.

Tribute to Jac.

Star - $99 (gave a free name for X'mas, so actually would be $104)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Left This Out From A While Back :S

I have no idea why, but I missed posting these fellows up. Could be that it was because I was busy with the June Purrzaar (Egads!) that I forgot?

This is Lizzy. She'd be roughly 30cm in length.

Sweet isn't she?

This is Slinky. Slinky is not available anymore as he has been homed. I cannot remember his length though. I just know that he's longer than Lizzy. Maybe something like 35cm in length.

Yes, I do have a weird fascination with kitties with different coloured eyes.

Ditty, like Slinky is also enjoying her new life in a cushy home. She is about the same length as Lizzy, if I recall correctly.


As always, none of these patchy kitties are repeatable, but I will always sew up new ones, so do keep a constant look out for the one that might have your name on it!

Lizzy, Slinky & Ditty - $79 each

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas Inspired Gang (Or 'Is it Time to Break Out the Rum Yet?')

So if you were wondering why I posted the video of Jack Skellington's discovery of Christmas Town, well, wonder no more! Christmas is looming, for sure, but I can only do so many candy-striped dolls. Hence, the Nightmare Before Christmas inspired gang. Love that movie. A pox of anyone who would not (at least) like it.

This is Helix. He is one of our very few long-limb dolls. Long-limbed sock dolls are harder to stuff, but the results are so hilarious! 80cm in height.

He's got a goofy face, he does.

Rex isa 50cm tall sockmonkey. He's wearing a red cap & has a red bum.

Looking a tad bit shocked.

I think Grinx might be a tad bit sloshed already. He MUST have been the first one at the bottle. 50cm.

Figures why his pupils are Xed.

Blix has mis-matched eyes. 63cm in length.

Non-plussed. Totally.

Helix - $109

Grinx & Rex - $79

Blix - $89

Monday, October 31, 2011

What's This???

Christmas is looming.... :9

That should give you a rough idea. :P

Thursday, October 27, 2011


SmeowlyCats is partaking in the Public Garden Flea on the 5th of November 2011! Do peruse the banner for more details!

We're bringing EVERYTHING AVAILABLE there! See you all!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Candy Cane Gang!

Ah, I am obviously gearing up & in full-blown Christmas mode here. Yes, I know the retail shops haven't blasted Christmas songs yet & Orchard Road isn't deck out in Christmas decor as of yet, but here in hand-made land, as we're a tad bit slow production-wise, we have to start hollering about our X'mas themed wares early, isn't it? So here is batch 2 of SmeowlyCats's Christmas Collection 2011.

This here is Candice Cane. She is 50cm in height.

Candice Cane has a sweet face!

This is Minty Cane. She is 89cm in height.

Minty Cane has a pouty face.

This is Pepper Cane. She is 81cm in height.

Happy Pepper Cane!

Argy Sweater. She is 34cm in height.

Argy Sweater is the manifestation of my having read countless books & watched movies about families spending Christmas together. There will ALWAYS be this auntie who dishes out X'mas pressies of hideous (& most probably, argyle) sweaters that the receipient will be forced to say 'I LOVE IT!' & wear it on the spot. Argy Sweater WILL be joined by more of the Sweater Gang. I guarantee it!

Argy Sweater, all snuggly warm. Incidentally, she is made out of those toasty warm socks. You know, the type with towelling on the inside. Thermal socks? Horrid (to wear) for the weather in Singapore, but LOVELY for cold countries!!

All scarves used here are just props. They are not included when you purchase the softy. However, you can custom a scarf for a small fee on top of the price of the softy. Cheers!

Candice Cane - $69

Pepper & Minty Cane - $99 each

Agry Sweater - $59

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christmas Snowflake Collection! (& a Straggler)

Like I said before. I bought these Christmassy socks in anticipation of Christmas & finally... it's LOOMING over us! So here they are...

This is Flaky. She is made from one of those super warm socks, you know, the type with towelling on the inside to keep your feet toasty warm in cold weather. I like using these socks for the dolls. Flaky is approximately 29cm in length.

Flaky's got embroidered eyes.

Leg & arm detail.

W. Winter (Warm Winter). I like her colours. Approximately 35cm in length.

W. Winter's face detail.

W. Winter's Leg & arm details.

C. Winter (Cool Winter). Oh he of muted tones. Approximately 35cm in length.

Face detail of C. Winter. Yellow embroidered eyes.

Leg & arm detail.

A. Winter (Autumn Winter). Approximately 35cm in length.

A. Winter's face detail.

A Winter's leg & arm detail.

Er, this is Spinks, the straggler. She has been waiting for me to finish her since the Purrzaar in June (guilty look) & I forgot about her till I found her deflated, lifeless, dismembered body in my box of 'pending softies to sew'. She's hardly a snowflake, but she's pretty all the same.

I still maintain that red eyes on innocent softies are nothing to be afraid of.

Flaky & C. Winter - $63 each
A. Winter & W. Winter - $59 each
Spinks - $69

Embroidered name - $5

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Misadventures in the Making

Look what I found whilst making this new batch of X'mas snowflake kitties then... A HOLE. Luckily I can avoid the holey part to make the doll just fine. It's always been a nightmare for me to discover any holes in socks, especially if I am sewing up a sock dolly halfway. Hasn't happened yet, but you never know. It happens that this was a part of the sock covered by the cardboard they attach to the plastic hook to hang on the rack & I didn't check this pair properly as it was wrapped up as well. Don't ask. There was a day that I DID check all the socks in my basket thoroughly & I was SOOO proud of myself for detecting at least 3 defective pairs of socks.

Shtupid holey sock!

I was also sewing halfway today & I mangled a pin. Let me tell you. On bad days, for no good reason, I can break up to 3 sewing machine needles. I don't know HOW it happens... not all the time, anyway. Sometimes, it's because I sewed on a pin & the needle gave way. (Once, the sharp part of the needle flew into my face & almost flew into my eye. I was PISSED & I stopped sewing for the rest of the day.) Sometimes, it's because I pull on the fabric & the needle bends & hits the metal plate on the machine. Sometimes, maybe the timing is off as the machine is complaining that it feels dirty? Those are the only explanations I can come up with. So about breaking 3 needles in a row... I REALLY don't know how that happened as I didn't sew over pins & was careful not to pull on the fabric. Today, however, I guess it was the revenge of the sewing machine needle.

Needle 1, pin 0. Tough. Haahaa.

Special X'mas 2011 Collection Coming Soon!

So I bought these socks with snowflake designs on them awhile back, thinking of X'mas. Well then, X'mas is looming over us once again!

I am working on them now & I should be done at the very latest by next week. I am SOOOO excited, so I decided to blabber on about it for a bit. Got no sneaks for you this time round. Sorry. Don't want to spoil the surprise, really. Well, ok, it's not much of a surprise, since you already KNOW they are sock kitties with snowflake designs on them, but hey, the pictures say it all, don't they?

Incidentally, I am giving one free name embroidery per kitty (well, or any other form of animal) order this X'mas.

Meowy Christmas!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Of Stripes & Lazy Cats

Hidey ho! I have been lazy for the most part of the past few months, but have gotten into gear to produce these lazing kitties! They are all approximately 70cm in length. They are made from arm-warmers & are as usual, stuffed with natural cotton stuffing.


Candy. She's sweet!

Close-up of Candy's face.

Eco. He's green!

Close-up of Eco's face.

Honey. She's got mis-matched eyes.

Close-up of Honey's face.

Jai.He's just an 'l' short of 'jail'.

Jai's face,close-up.

Sky. He can't open a can... yet.

Close-up of Sky's face.

Honey, Eco & Candy - $89 each

Jai & Sky - $93 each


Embroidered name - $5 per name