Thursday, December 8, 2011

Star Hearts Jac, a Fellow with Much Character

As I type, this fellow is on his way home by bike courier. This is his story:

Star was rescued by a lady called Jac. He was showered with lots of love & a purple security towel. When Casey & Eva came along to provide him a permanent loving home, he was bundled up, plus purple towel to his spanking new home, as they were afraid he might be depressed, away from Jac. True enough, he clung on to the towel for a week. Now he is revelling in a loving environment, but still uses his precious towel. Heh.

Right profile.

Left profile. Most of the pictures of Star were of him with his mouth open & tongue visible, so I added the sticking out tongue for a goofily happy look. Sort of like after running around in the grass field for half an hour kind of look. Note his pinkish nose & slightly clipped ear. Being a fashion conscious pooch, do note his signature bandana too.

Tribute to Jac.

Star - $99 (gave a free name for X'mas, so actually would be $104)

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