Monday, January 31, 2011

The Giants Have Invaded .woodwould!

The giants have invaded .woodwould this Valentine's Day!

What are they waiting for? The bus?

Meet ‘em GIANTS; Noir, Rouge, Bleu!

Made from the softest of teeshirty-jersey, stuffed with the squishiest of cotton (trust me, u’ll wanna keep squishing them. It moulds back slowly after… like it has a life of its own!), lovely embroidered features… 100% HUGGABLE! And they’re HUGE (big enough to fool burglars that someone is home!)

Something huge and cuddly for Valentine’s Day? Whaddayasay?

SmeowlyCats now available in .woodwould (03-24 Mandarin Gallery)..
Handmade by the very talented and very mad friend of ours.

Whatever in italics is not written by me. I am THE mad friend. :P

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Kmi!

Yet once again, I decide to make life difficult for myself for 2 nights in a row. As usual though, the end result was very satisfying & the recipient was happy.

It was my good friend Kmi's birthday yesterday, so I made her this little fellow:

Cute lil bugger isn't she? She was sewn ENTIRELY by hand, that is, not a SINGLE machine stitch was involved in the process AT ALL. Smaller than MiniLynn, which stands at 12cm (I think. I will get Lynn to measure it up & let me know, when I catch her online.), MiniKmi is 8cm in height. If I make these things any smaller, I will HAVE to call the Guiness Book of World Records....

MiniKmi now resides in Kmi's husband's shirt pocket. Again, just like MiniLynn, I will not repeat this process for money. This is precious & JUST for my darlings. :)


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Replica of a Smug Monkey

See this dirty little thing? This is my sister's favourite little soft toy & it was given to her eons ago (sometime in the 1980s, if i recall) by some bloke named Terence Tan. Hahahahaha. Cute little bugger isn't he? (The monkey, I mean.) I think Smug Monkey came from Hawaii.

I am at the very least, 30 years old. My owner loves me for my horribly smug expression. Oh look, my shorts are disintegrating & my lei has fallen to one side.

Enter Replica Smug Monkey. Very similar pose & horribly smug look. Spanking new shorts. I made him in the same material as the Duke Orange softy (heck, it's the only orange material I have), & instead of stuck-on bits of velvet for his features, I embroidered them on. My fingers are still smarting (I finished him yesterday). I am slightly amazed that I have this floral printed material that is somewhat similar to the original's green shorts. Cut out a piece of yellow felt for a scarf instead of a lei.

Oh how SMUG!

Now, I did not replicate this monkey to sell it. It's for my sister. Nor will I entertain requests for this little fellow. Then he won't be special anymore. Also, you might be trapping me into a big copyright infringement suit. I am just egotistically showing off my handywork. Also, he is bleeding hard to sew. The curvy seam for his eyes was sewn entirely by handstitching, as was his neck seam. I reinforced the neck seam after stuffing, too. Soon, I will need me a set of One Second Needles. Bwaahaa!

Also, I can draft patterns well... Haahaa....

Replica Smug Monkey - PRICELESS

Something along these lines - $120

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Taking Orders for Valentine's Day & Year of the Rabbit!

So the Year of the Rabbit approaches. I understand that people go rushing out to buy pet rabbits specially for the new year, just because of that. Most of these people do not understand how to care for rabbits and do not think of the consequences of buying a pet on a whim. Previous years of the rabbit have yielded hoards of abandoned bunnies due to this silly practice & only the poor little bunnies get to suffer.

So don't buy a live rabbit! Get a SmeowlyCats rabbit. It's cheaper, requires no feeding, showering & poop-cleaning. They just need your love.

We are also taking orders for Valentine's Day. You can choose to sew a heart on the doll's bum, chest or arm. You can even do this on the bum or ribcage depending on the space I have to play with. Orders open for Valentine's till 31st January 2010!!

Emeow us today!