Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Molko, Charlotte's Twin/Brother/Sibling/Whatever.....

If it weren't for the obvious title, people would think that I like to repeat myself over & over again. This is Molko, brother of Charlotte, who was the very first SmeowlyCat (& SmeowlySockCat, as I have categorised them already... check out my Facebook page) ever made....

Should I call him version 2.0?

He hearts Gwen!

Molko is a present for Gwen. I sure hope she doesn't visit this blog. She hasn't received her pressie yet.....
Incidentally, he is not tagged/labelled, as he was made way before Moonshine.

Molko (Sock Cat 'M') - $69 + $10 (embroidered name x 2) + $5 (embroidered eyes) = $84

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