Monday, June 21, 2010

Of Jailbreakers & Persian Peacocks

Oh dearie me... Here at Smeowlycats, we seem to be picking up quite a few orphans!! Here are the latest:

Bonny (Pink & navy stripes) & Clawde (Black & white stripes), the jailbreak kitties. Bonny is the mastermind, whilst Clawde is just a toddler. What? Their names are Bonny & Clawde, not Bonnie & Clyde.....

The Persians. They are made of batik-inspired fabric... Looks like peacocks to me! Rather ornate, & different from the normal kitties I've been making... for a change. Do look forward to new designs!!

Bonny & Clawde (Sock Cats 'Reg') - $59 each
Got More Fish Gang 'L' - $89

1) Embroidered Eyes - $5
2) Embroidered Name - $5 per name

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