Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How Much Is That Doggy in the Window? (And Friends)

Ok, so he's not in a window of a shop... I super loved making this one though!! I think I especially like Daschunds because while I was growing up, my neighbours had one... a black Daschund called Dinah. She was a yappy little thing though, barking away at any & every passer-by.

Front view of Hotdog

Mug shot (or is it Mutt shot?)

Getting cosy with friend Megan

Mr Cool

I cut the body out the same time as the bleu lyon for Gus.... Thought it'd be nice as a cat as well...


HotDog - $120
Sock Cat 'S' - $59
Lanky Cat - $79

1) Embroidered Name - $5/name
2) Embroidered Eyes - $5


  1. is that for tate????? ITS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  2. yes it is. told u to trust me didn't i? :P