Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunkisst Edited

Sunkisst the lying down kitty went through plastic surgery because she was given to baby Ashley for her 1 month celebration! Whee!

When giving a softy to any child below the age of 3 (sometimes 4), do remember that there are not supposed to be any hard bits that can be detached (like eyes & noses), as kids like to put things in their mouths & chew on them. Sunkisst's tail had been sewn over 3 times!

$59 + $5 (embroidered eyes) + $5 (embroidered name)= $69

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Finishing of Lynn & Sam's MonoCronies

Hello all!

I hereby present to y'all this handsome couple, aptly named 'The MonoCronies' (wahaha).

Long, lean & lanky we is!

With differing expressions we has!

These guys were actually requested for eons ago, but I was taking my time twiddling around with the pattern & dragging my feet bringing the proper machinery back home from ma's. I think I want to twiddle the pattern some more... or maybe revert back to the old, patternless way of sewing these fellows (sock cat style). Kind of more interesting that way (but more scarey at the same time), I feel....

The gray kitty is made of sturdier cotton jersey & the black is made from lightweight jersey with lycra in it.

MonoCronies - $79 + $5 (embroidered eyes) each = $84

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Making of.....

.... two monochromatic kitties.

We be kitties soon!

Will post pictures of the finished kitties tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tania, the Pole-Dancing Kitty

This was fun! I got a request for a pole-dancing cat (ie. a cat on a stick) & I suggested it be a hanging kitty, cos it might look like a cat on a pogo-stick otherwise... or something.

Incidentally, about a month ago, I was watching the news... & they were saying that guys were picking up pole-dancing too.. I don't know how sexy THAT is, really.. & I don't care what kind of wonderous stunts they can do because of 'superior upper body strength'.

ANYWAYS, back to our star:

Hello. I'm Tania & I just picked up pole-dancing!

The pole is wrapped with this GORGEOUS grey velvet ribbon. I initially wanted to go for the shiny satin ribbon to mimic the shiny metallic pole, but couldn't resist when I saw this ribbon! Turned out so nice, right?
Tania - $90 (everything in as she's custom)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Laundry Day

Whew. Done with the laundry this week! Check out the after-wash:

Laundry room woes.

Sunblock (left) would like to lie in the sun, but because of delicate fur, would turn red in a flash. So she just stays out of it but peers longingly at a ray of sunlight.
Suntan (right) is just wanting to maintain his current colouring.

Rhubarb is our very first long SmeowlySockCat. He's approximately 56cm from head to toe & is quite a hassle to stuff... Luckily for him, he's quite a handsome one. QweenSmeowly would have a fighting fit otherwise.

Sunblock & Suntan - $59
Rhubarb - $89

Embroidered eyes - $5
Embroidered name - $5/name

Note to all: No kitties were whirled around, washed, tossed in the laundry basket, roughly handled or harmed during the photoshoot. All new materials.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Stuffed!!!

No, I'm not being rude... these fellas really need to get stuffed... after getting ears, arms & tails....

' What did you say?? Speak up!!'

Normally, these are the steps I go through:
1) Sew the ears first,
2) sew the features,
3) sew up the arms & tail...
4) stuff & sew the arms & tail (tail doesn't need stuffing though) on,
5) sew the legs (leaving a hole preferably on the inside of one leg, to stuff),
6) overturn the whole thing (carefully),
7) optional: sew the name on the doll,
8) stuff the whole body,
9) lastly, hand-stitch the hole up...
(A whole pair of socks is used per kitty, btw)

This time, as I am tired of switching from machining, to hand sewing & back to machining again for every piece, I decided to just sew the features on first, then sew socks of a similar colour all at once.

Save time & do things a little differently, yes?

I also have 8 pieces of large 'Got More Fish Gang' & a Languid Lyon all cut out & ready to be sewn, but I made so many GMFG previously that I am pooped.... I will make them up in due time though... Be warned!!!

Red & Grey (front) & Pink & Tan Stripes (toes socks on right, appr. 30cm) 'Regular' - $59 each
Black (knee length sock) 'Large' - $89
4 stripey socks at the back (appr 40 to 45cm) 'Medium' - $69

1) Embroidered name - $5
2) Embroidered eyes (especially important for babies) - $5

Note: This post was meant to entertain myself. :P