Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seri, the Indoor Cat

This is Seri. She is an indoor cat. The weather is just way too iffy to be running around outside. Seri, like any other normal cat, hates water. I think her slightly bored look is due to the lack of the freedom to prance around outside though, but it'll pass.

I do not have an ear infection. It is just maroon corduroy with prints.

Lots of things to play with even in the indoors, without a risk of catching anything icky!

My name on me bum!

My mummy, she will love me. I will keep her company possibly on her work desk everyday! Whee!!!

Seri (23cm tall) costs $59 + $5 (embroidered name) = $64

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Long Lost Argyle Sibling

B. Peachy has finally come out of the closet to be photographed. Frankly speaking, I didn't want to wait so long to take a picture of her, but I have been busy.

B. Peachy is my name. I have a brother named A. Pinky.

I am A. Pinky. You have seen me before.

They cost $59 each.


Embroidered Name - $5/name
Embroidered Eyes - $5/pair

Sunday, October 17, 2010

SmeowlyCats Did Duke & Bao

SmeowlyCats was commisioned by the Minion of the awesome Duke Orange to make a Duke & Bao (his favourite food) as a prize for the Duke Party being held on the 31st of October 2010. To win him, you must RSVP here & donate to the Stray Kitty Fund, of which you can read about here. Too bad I didn't see the edited part where if you donate before 14th October 2010, Duke will contribute 100% of what you contributed. Nevermind. I will donate what little amount I can anyway.
Duke sitting quietly with Bao

Duke's face. I mixed 2 different coloured threads for his amber eyes.

Looks like a real bao!

Handywork whoring. I had to handsew the ring arond the bao bottom cos it was too hard to attempt to machine it all around.

Details of limbs

Tail details

Thank you Duke Orange & Minion for allowing SmeowlyCats to capture Duke's awesome-ness with some cloth & thread!!

Duke (23cm tall) & bao cost $95, all in.

Monday, October 11, 2010

PaperWeighties (New Stuff)

I had a request to do paper weights & I didn't just want to come up with one measly paper weight which is a downsized version of a MiniMeow (yes, but I also did that, because I can - Minier Meows.. Haha.). So here's the gang!

We are the PaperWeighties!

Do take note of this pink pinstriped mousie & the grey one below. This fellow's base is longer & narrower. The fabric also plays a part in the different look of the 2 mice. The pink pinstriped fabric does have some stretch in it, but the fabric itself is stiffer.

This fellow's base is wider & slightly shorter. The grey fabric is jersey (teeshirt material), hence, the softer look & feel.

This fellow is what I call the simplest form of a crouching cat, which is why his face is sideways, which means that I did not make a booboo. Note the ear details.

Minier Meows. Smaller than those MiniMeows. You did know that you can request for different materials for em, right?

The bases of the Minier Meows. I just thought I'd experiment with different bases. Makes the shape a bit different too, but the round base is more stable.

These particular pieces are not for sale, but you can order them. You can request for bunnies & owls too.

PaperWeighties will be filled with sand.


Minier Meows - $19 each

MiniKitty - $19
MiniMice - $33 each

(No option of name & eye embroidery for these guys.)

Order 3 of the same design & get 10% off on those PaperWeighties. Can mix fabrics. Do not hesitate to email to enquire!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two More Domesti-Cats

A pair of sock kitties were ordered for a wedding. The idea was not to make them look like they were for a wedding, which is cool, because I don't really like to make weddingy looking things either. I thought of making the boy wear a bowtie & the girl a fish charm necklace, but after trying it out, they didn't look like a couple. Plus, the bells mean that they are domesticated cats! Simple but nice, yar?

We are getting married on the 11th of October 2010!

Boy's Bum.

Girl's bum

$160 for the pair, all in.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Odiwankenobi, the VERY Strange Cat

There are custom requests... & the are CUSTOM requests. This is CUSTOM. And unique. I mean, you don't have cats (GIRL cats, at that) wearing moustaches, do you?

My name is Odiwankenobi, or Odi for short. I sport a french moustache, a sailor's scarf & I wear white socks & gloves.

Check out my groovy french moustache!

Check out my sailor's scarf. Bwaahaahaa!

A mid-process photo I sent to the orderer.

Odiwankenobi costs $110, all in.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boney & Claws (Am Running Out of Names for Jailbreak Kitties...)

Two stripey kitties for a baby boy (hence the embroidered eyes) & a toddler girl.

I like stripes. Period. I like heel-less socks too. Haha.

Hrm. I'm Boney.

Claws, with his thinking look.

Boney - $59
Claws - $59 + $5 (embroidered eyes)

Embroidered eyes - $5/pair
Embroidered name - $5/name