Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Huggable Meows!

So I have been concentrating mostly on smaller softies, but I realise that softies love to be hugged too! Especially when you are watching teevee! They are a great conversation piece for the living room as well!

So I made:

These giant sized MiniMeows (no, not like The Giants). The words 'giant' & 'mini' kind of cancel each other out, so I am calling these guys 'Meows'. I chucked in the lil MiniMeow for size comparison too. The Meows are approximately 37cm in height (that's all the way to the tip of the ear).

I also made these elongated ones. Little kids would love these as bolsters, hence the name Mowlsters. These fellows are approximately 55cm in height.

As usual, these fellows are customisable. Just drop me an email & we can suss out the fabrics from there!

Shipping cost is to be advised as these fellows seem to be bigger than the norm for regular postage.

Meows - $79
Mowlsters - $89


Embroidered eyes - $5

Embroidered name - $10

Monday, August 15, 2011

An Order Completed Entirely at Home!

I just completed a bulk order last week. Well, since I am a one woman show, a bulk order to me is... well... anything that is ordered in 10 or more pieces in the same design.

15 pieces were required & I already had 6 pieces of these fellows (1 was sold at the Purrzaar organised by Cats of the World Photo Exhibition), I mean, girls, on hand, so I sewed up the rest of the 9, complete with the name 'Jiun' on the bums. This was ordered by the cousin of the bride-to-be for her hen's night giveaway to all her revelling cronies.

I am especially proud of this batch, because I didn't have to travel ANYWHERE to get these babies done. Previously, I went back to my parents place, as I have a lovely industrial overlocking machine there & I didn't want to waste the money on another inferior (domestic) machine, as industrials are THE BEST to use. Unfortunately, I found the journeys to-&-fro to be quite a hassle, as recently, I have been working more with jersey fabrics, rather than wovens, which require the give of the overlocking stitches.

Why did I not bring the industrial machine back to my place? Well, I am not having my VERY OWN place at the moment. Whilst waiting for my new place, we are bunking in with my in-laws
& there is just no room for a bulky industrial machine here. I could still just about get away with this second hand domestic. It would be nice if this fellow could last me forever, as well, as you can toggle the settings to give you the rolled hem stitch, for neat edging, when you are lazy to sew a proper folded hem in clothes making (yes I am contemplating making myself a few smocked dresses) & it's got a differential feed, for toggling the fabrics. You can make a frilled edged skirt just by a twist of a knob! I think you can do it on the industrial as well with no toggles, but you need the experience (ie. you have to know how hard to pull on the fabric whilst sewing).

Also, with last minute orders like this one, requiring less than 2 weeks to complete, it's a real time-saver to have everything there for you, all in one place. I have travelled back to the folks's place only to have forgotten to bring tails/tags/various other pieces. A real pain, I tell you!

9 pieces of flower power MiniMeows, all ready to be sewn up!

Well I didn't take pictures of the new ones as you already know what they look like. I still have the fabric for these, so they can be re-ordered.

MiniMeows (with personalised name) - $29 + 5 = $34 each

And yes, an order of 10 MiniMeows or more is given a 10% discount.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Kitty for Sandra

A girl called Sandra loves the colour purple. Her friend ordered her a SmeowlyCat ala custom Duke Orange for her birthday! Her specifications for the kitty were: red body, but with blue markings (red & blue make purple) & a mouth shaped like the number '3', instead of the usual wide grin that I give the 'Got More Fish?' Gang.

Anyway, I believe Sandra's birtday fell on the 8th of August, but I could be wrong as they could have just celebrated her birthday on the 8th.

Anyhow, Happy Birthday Sandra, our new SmeowlyFriend!

It seems like quite a lot of work sewing these markings & indeed, it is quite a bit. But when you (or rather, 'I') are sewing it, it's quite enjoyable & therapeutic. I don't know if anyone would share my sentiments, as I could be the oddball around here. Perhaps it could be the marking of places to machine the stripey features, rather than the machining itself that I actually dislike.

A nice, sweet smile, as opposed to maniacally-looking-for-fish, crazed grin.

Close up of Sandra's arm & leg features.

The corduroy bottom!

I think this is my BEST hand-embroidery of a name, to-date! I do not purposely choose whether I want to do them nicely or not, so was pleasantly surprised when I finished it & took an overall look at it.

Her tail. Hehe

Sandra kitty 23cm - $79 (including embroidered eyes, name & machined-on body markings)