Sunday, October 17, 2010

SmeowlyCats Did Duke & Bao

SmeowlyCats was commisioned by the Minion of the awesome Duke Orange to make a Duke & Bao (his favourite food) as a prize for the Duke Party being held on the 31st of October 2010. To win him, you must RSVP here & donate to the Stray Kitty Fund, of which you can read about here. Too bad I didn't see the edited part where if you donate before 14th October 2010, Duke will contribute 100% of what you contributed. Nevermind. I will donate what little amount I can anyway.
Duke sitting quietly with Bao

Duke's face. I mixed 2 different coloured threads for his amber eyes.

Looks like a real bao!

Handywork whoring. I had to handsew the ring arond the bao bottom cos it was too hard to attempt to machine it all around.

Details of limbs

Tail details

Thank you Duke Orange & Minion for allowing SmeowlyCats to capture Duke's awesome-ness with some cloth & thread!!

Duke (23cm tall) & bao cost $95, all in.

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  1. Duke & Pao is considered 1 softy for the 'Count the Total SmeowlyCats' contest.