Monday, October 11, 2010

PaperWeighties (New Stuff)

I had a request to do paper weights & I didn't just want to come up with one measly paper weight which is a downsized version of a MiniMeow (yes, but I also did that, because I can - Minier Meows.. Haha.). So here's the gang!

We are the PaperWeighties!

Do take note of this pink pinstriped mousie & the grey one below. This fellow's base is longer & narrower. The fabric also plays a part in the different look of the 2 mice. The pink pinstriped fabric does have some stretch in it, but the fabric itself is stiffer.

This fellow's base is wider & slightly shorter. The grey fabric is jersey (teeshirt material), hence, the softer look & feel.

This fellow is what I call the simplest form of a crouching cat, which is why his face is sideways, which means that I did not make a booboo. Note the ear details.

Minier Meows. Smaller than those MiniMeows. You did know that you can request for different materials for em, right?

The bases of the Minier Meows. I just thought I'd experiment with different bases. Makes the shape a bit different too, but the round base is more stable.

These particular pieces are not for sale, but you can order them. You can request for bunnies & owls too.

PaperWeighties will be filled with sand.


Minier Meows - $19 each

MiniKitty - $19
MiniMice - $33 each

(No option of name & eye embroidery for these guys.)

Order 3 of the same design & get 10% off on those PaperWeighties. Can mix fabrics. Do not hesitate to email to enquire!!

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