Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glocks's New Ears!

This is Glocks. Your have seen him before.

The Glocks from before.

This is Glocks now. He got himself a makeover. He loves his new ears. Yes, he can hear from them just fine.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Win a MiniMeow by Counting!

Want a little MiniMeow? Well, you can WIN one! It's easy!


Just read every post in this blog & count the total number of SmeowlyCats dolls I have sewn up altogether. That's every single little piece.
  • Do go through the 'comments' as well, as there are some repeated dolls in the photos & I have included helpful notes for any unobvious duplicates.

  • Do also watch out that you don't count kitties that have been modified after they have been blogged about before.

The first fan to post the correct answer on the wall of the SmeowlyCats Facebook page wins a MiniMeow of their choice!

The winner will be announced on the Facebook page on 28 February 2011! Whee!

*Anyone residing in Singapore can partake in this competition!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lil Jing Han's First SmeowlyCat!

This long-bodied, short-limbed kitty was made specially for a wee one by the name of Jing Han. Mummy loves kitties (they have 2 real ones), so naturally she would like Jing Han to have his very own.

The long body makes for a good bolster! He is 67cm tall.

You will notice the threads inside the fabric. Yes, I could cut them shorter, but leaving the threads long ensures that the knots stay put.

Proof that this is Jing Han's doll, so thieving hands & rude toy-snatchers BEWARE!

The tail has a kink & there are beads in the bum. I have warned mummy to look out for him biting the doll. Don't want him swallowing any beads!

Jing Han - $99 + $5 (embroidered eyes) + $5 (embroidered name) = $109

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rabbits for the Year of the Rabbit!

Unlike some sick perverts who eat rabbits in the Year of the Rabbit, at SmeowlyCats, we sew up rabbit softies & refuse to eat rabbits this whole year. Haahaa.

This is Porkchop. His namesake is an off-white bunny (Holland Lop, maybe?) and he stays in a cage somewhere. Porkchop was made from fleecy material.

This is Nifty. His namesake stays in possibly the same cage as Porkchop. Nifty is made from grey jersey material & is floppier than Porkchop. A floppy bunny. Heh.

More picures of the pair:

Don't mind the pictures, please. They were taken on a day where the lights had to be dimmed & it was dark outside. I was possibly not in a very good mood either. (With the weather being HORRIBLY rainy & dreary for the weeks preceeding Chinese New Year).

Porkchop & Nifty are 30cm tall.

Nifty & Porkchop - $95 + $5 (embroidered name) = $100 each

Also optional:
Embroidered eyes - $5