Friday, February 18, 2011

Lil Jing Han's First SmeowlyCat!

This long-bodied, short-limbed kitty was made specially for a wee one by the name of Jing Han. Mummy loves kitties (they have 2 real ones), so naturally she would like Jing Han to have his very own.

The long body makes for a good bolster! He is 67cm tall.

You will notice the threads inside the fabric. Yes, I could cut them shorter, but leaving the threads long ensures that the knots stay put.

Proof that this is Jing Han's doll, so thieving hands & rude toy-snatchers BEWARE!

The tail has a kink & there are beads in the bum. I have warned mummy to look out for him biting the doll. Don't want him swallowing any beads!

Jing Han - $99 + $5 (embroidered eyes) + $5 (embroidered name) = $109

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