Friday, June 8, 2012

Hugo Hearts William (Really He Does!!)

This doll was ordered as a surprise from Hugo to William. It was posted to William & everything. So nice, right? They've been together for 15 years!!! It just HAS to be love, right? :)

Funnily, I was in 2 minds whether to buy this plain yellow sock or not, as most people prefer stripes or a pattern of some sort, but I'm glad I did. Some people (there is proof here) do like plains too. It was later revealed to me that William's favourite colour is yellow. By chance, as the eye & name colour was decided by me, Hugo's favourite colour is green. ;)

I don't know why my handywork whoring photos recently keep showing up sideways. 

 And again...

Hugo Hearts William - $84

Gifts for Babies!!

Since I've got babies on the brain... Well, just the one, really... this seems to be an aptly timed order.Yes, it's quite unfortunate that I can't just whip up a few softies at my own fancy but I wouldn't trade this motherhood thing for the world!

These guys were ordered to serve as bolsters for newborns. For these, I advised for no beans in the bum & embroidered eyes.

Lil brown doggy for a1 month old baby girl. I later learned that the doggy was fashioned after the family pet, a chocolate labrador.

'Got a Bone? Gang' doggy

Handywork whoring. If you cock your head sideways (to the right), you can see a blurred image of WeeOne in the background. :P

Haven't sewn a 'Got More Fish? Gang' for yonks!

Gee I wonder what I'd do if I ran out of flannel. :S

Handywork whoring again

'Got More Fish? Gang' + hand embroidered eyes & name - $99
'Got a Bone? Gang' + hand embroidered eyes & name - $109