Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy the Anxious Kitty

Happy is a kitty with a cushy home.

He has a friend called Boney II.

He's got the typical 'M' on the forehead & corresponding stripey markings too.

Close up of his stripes.

Happy used to have a long tail, but anxiety caused him to gnaw at his tail & he had it amputated in the end. The anxious kitty called Happy. Hehe.

Happy - $99

MiniMeow Ahoy!

I had a request for a little sailor MiniMeow. She is to be shipped off overseas, hence the mini size. It's expensive to mail bulky items in general. I had a friend who mailed a pillow off to Australia before! I think shipping came to about $20 & on top of that, she had to purchase a BOX from Singpost for that! I think the box costed her about $10 or so? Yikes I say... YIKES.

Ahoy there matey!

The message reads 'From Your 1st Mate With <3' Sweet little message isn't it? Incidentally, I have been telling people that you can't fit much on a MiniMeow. I guess I was WRONG. You CAN!

Close up of the message. Sorry about the blurry picture.

Ditto that. Incidentally, I filled in the heart after I took the picture.

Custom Sailor girl MiniMeow - $44 (that includes the message & everything)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

You Haven't Seen the Last of Us Yet!

The last leg of the very successful 'Cats of the World Photo Exhibition' Purrzaar ended yesterday. I managed to churn out these babies in time for it! Thanks everyone for making this charity event a success! We donated part of our proceeds to the Cat Welfare Society! Raising funds for CWS is the whole purpose of this yearly exhibition anyways.

Red & white striped MiniMeows. The one on the right has already been spoken for.

Grey ribbing MiniMeows. These guys are nice & soft! Made of thinner material than the popular yellow MiniMeows. The hubby likens them to men's singlets. Ahahahah.

Top row: GRR1, GRR2,
Bottom row: GRR3, GRR4

Brown towelling scruffy MiniMeows.

top row: BT1, BT2
Bottom row: BT3, BT4

Black squishy MiniMeows. I just love the squishy feel of it. One girl called them 'stress cats', in place of stress balls. Hehe. I must, MUST mention that the ones with hot pink bottoms have a rose pattern on the velvet. I will update this post with a picture of the bottoms soon!

Top row: BLK1
Centre row: BLK2, BLK3, BLK4
Bottom row: BLK5, BLK6, BLK7

MiniMeows - $29 each


Embroidered eyes - $5

Embroidered name - $5

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Lovely Day

Lovely day to be outside. Some cheeky fellows decided to do something different today.

The 4 friends quickly broke out & dusted down the deluxe Scrabble board.

Mars peeking into the bag as he picks new tiles.

Plums all smiley, hiding the terrible truth of her sucky letters.

Everyone suspected Gyle of cheating, but didn't dare openly say so, lest the floodgates opened.

Black Forest all smug & waiting for her turn.

Gyle - $59
Mars - $59
Plums - $63
Back Forest - $79

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

MiniMeows Galore!

I made new MiniMeows! They are partly meant for our last bazaar in June 2011, 'Purzaar' in conjunction with the Cats of the World Exhibition on 18th June2011, from 11am to 6pm. Come & get to touch & feel the SmeowlyCats gang! We are bringing EVERYTHING there!

Pink Pinstripes!
Top row: PP1, PP2
middle row: PP3, PP4, PP5
Bottom Row: PP6, PP7, PP8

White Velour (different form towelling)
top row: W3, W4
middle row: W5, W6, W7
bottom row: W8, W9

Full yellow MiniMeows!
Tops row: Y1, Y2
middle row: Y3, Y4, Y5
bottom row: Y6, Y7, Y8

Pink Flower Power MiniMeows!
Top row: FP1, FP2
middle row: FP3, FP4, FP5
bottom row: FP6, FP7

Top row (white towelling, different from whilte velour): W1, W2
Bottom row (grey jersey): GY1, GY2

MiniMeows- $29 each

Thursday, June 2, 2011

3 Amigos Together Forever

I am guessing this gang of 3 (as in the real life friends, Bobby, Shuen & Teck Siong) are avid animal lovers. The rough collie (centre) was described as Bobby's favourite pet, which made me think he's got a menagerie at home.

Teck Siong (50cm in height), Bobby (45cm in height) & Shuen (50cm in height). Even though Bobby is the shortest, he gets to be in the middle as he is the receiver of this wonderfully thoughtful gift. He is going away & Shuen thought he might miss his favourite pet & his best friends.

I used pompoms for Bobby's body. I did this simple because he is quite a furry dog & just plain socks wouldn't do him justice. He'd probably end up looking like a Jack Russell Terrier or something.

Back of Bobby. I will be adding more 'hair' on top of his head before delivery later today.


Voila! Many a sore finger later, a full head of hair! I am pleased with the results, as I encountered a sleepless night wondering if I should do it up. Of course, I am happy with the results. Nothing like pride in your work! What I did was I sewed loops of yarn directly on his head & I knotted every loop together & snipped the loops into separate strands. Frankly speaking, I like the loopy hairs (see Lanquid Lyon) as the loops puff up the hair, adding volume, but then, the look will be different from the rest of his body then.

Back view of his lustrous lustrous hair!

Back to the original post:

No sewable space on his bum, so his leg will do!

Kitty named Shuen. This kitty was also described as her favourite pet. I hope I captured his innocent look well!

Innocent look!!!

Bum of Shuen, The innocent-looking kitty.

Teck Siong, the Louis Vuttion-Loving Fox Terrier.

Was requested to make a scarf with an 'L' embroidered on one end & a 'V' on the other for him. Genius that I am, I sewed both sides of the scarf (that's back & front, so ultimately, I embroidered 2 Ls & 2 Vs altogether), so that if the scarf happens to flip, you can always see an L & a V all the time.

Teck Siong's bum

Bobby - $99

Shuen - $99

Teck Siong - $99