Monday, May 3, 2010

Languid & Lazy He Is... Messy Too

How does he do it?!??!?! He looks so..... RELAXED all the time.... Here he is... watching telly.....

"I deserve some good telly after the gruelling hours I spent under the needle, you know.... Oh yawn"

Here he is again!!! Sunbathing!!! Pray tell , Languid Lyon (ok fine... LION), how does one look so... so.... CHILL!?!?!?!

"Oh ho hum... Just watching the birds fly by & listen to the leaves of the trees a-rustling.
I'm just missing an icy cold drink right now, eh?"

Languid Lyon is about 17" tall (I don't know why I measured him in inches that time) & was a custom made request. The request was for the mane to be MESSY... Never done hairy animals before. I'm quite proud of myself! He is made with vintage suiting material. What a groovy thing he is!!
I doubt I will be replicating this EXACT lion, as there were a few issues I had with the pattern, but fear not... lions are not going extinct around here!!!

Languid Lyon - $150

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