Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MiniMeow Ahoy!

I had a request for a little sailor MiniMeow. She is to be shipped off overseas, hence the mini size. It's expensive to mail bulky items in general. I had a friend who mailed a pillow off to Australia before! I think shipping came to about $20 & on top of that, she had to purchase a BOX from Singpost for that! I think the box costed her about $10 or so? Yikes I say... YIKES.

Ahoy there matey!

The message reads 'From Your 1st Mate With <3' Sweet little message isn't it? Incidentally, I have been telling people that you can't fit much on a MiniMeow. I guess I was WRONG. You CAN!

Close up of the message. Sorry about the blurry picture.

Ditto that. Incidentally, I filled in the heart after I took the picture.

Custom Sailor girl MiniMeow - $44 (that includes the message & everything)

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