Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rabbits for the Year of the Rabbit!

Unlike some sick perverts who eat rabbits in the Year of the Rabbit, at SmeowlyCats, we sew up rabbit softies & refuse to eat rabbits this whole year. Haahaa.

This is Porkchop. His namesake is an off-white bunny (Holland Lop, maybe?) and he stays in a cage somewhere. Porkchop was made from fleecy material.

This is Nifty. His namesake stays in possibly the same cage as Porkchop. Nifty is made from grey jersey material & is floppier than Porkchop. A floppy bunny. Heh.

More picures of the pair:

Don't mind the pictures, please. They were taken on a day where the lights had to be dimmed & it was dark outside. I was possibly not in a very good mood either. (With the weather being HORRIBLY rainy & dreary for the weeks preceeding Chinese New Year).

Porkchop & Nifty are 30cm tall.

Nifty & Porkchop - $95 + $5 (embroidered name) = $100 each

Also optional:
Embroidered eyes - $5

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