Monday, January 31, 2011

The Giants Have Invaded .woodwould!

The giants have invaded .woodwould this Valentine's Day!

What are they waiting for? The bus?

Meet ‘em GIANTS; Noir, Rouge, Bleu!

Made from the softest of teeshirty-jersey, stuffed with the squishiest of cotton (trust me, u’ll wanna keep squishing them. It moulds back slowly after… like it has a life of its own!), lovely embroidered features… 100% HUGGABLE! And they’re HUGE (big enough to fool burglars that someone is home!)

Something huge and cuddly for Valentine’s Day? Whaddayasay?

SmeowlyCats now available in .woodwould (03-24 Mandarin Gallery)..
Handmade by the very talented and very mad friend of ours.

Whatever in italics is not written by me. I am THE mad friend. :P

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