Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Replica of a Smug Monkey

See this dirty little thing? This is my sister's favourite little soft toy & it was given to her eons ago (sometime in the 1980s, if i recall) by some bloke named Terence Tan. Hahahahaha. Cute little bugger isn't he? (The monkey, I mean.) I think Smug Monkey came from Hawaii.

I am at the very least, 30 years old. My owner loves me for my horribly smug expression. Oh look, my shorts are disintegrating & my lei has fallen to one side.

Enter Replica Smug Monkey. Very similar pose & horribly smug look. Spanking new shorts. I made him in the same material as the Duke Orange softy (heck, it's the only orange material I have), & instead of stuck-on bits of velvet for his features, I embroidered them on. My fingers are still smarting (I finished him yesterday). I am slightly amazed that I have this floral printed material that is somewhat similar to the original's green shorts. Cut out a piece of yellow felt for a scarf instead of a lei.

Oh how SMUG!

Now, I did not replicate this monkey to sell it. It's for my sister. Nor will I entertain requests for this little fellow. Then he won't be special anymore. Also, you might be trapping me into a big copyright infringement suit. I am just egotistically showing off my handywork. Also, he is bleeding hard to sew. The curvy seam for his eyes was sewn entirely by handstitching, as was his neck seam. I reinforced the neck seam after stuffing, too. Soon, I will need me a set of One Second Needles. Bwaahaa!

Also, I can draft patterns well... Haahaa....

Replica Smug Monkey - PRICELESS

Something along these lines - $120

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