Sunday, January 2, 2011

Taking Orders for Valentine's Day & Year of the Rabbit!

So the Year of the Rabbit approaches. I understand that people go rushing out to buy pet rabbits specially for the new year, just because of that. Most of these people do not understand how to care for rabbits and do not think of the consequences of buying a pet on a whim. Previous years of the rabbit have yielded hoards of abandoned bunnies due to this silly practice & only the poor little bunnies get to suffer.

So don't buy a live rabbit! Get a SmeowlyCats rabbit. It's cheaper, requires no feeding, showering & poop-cleaning. They just need your love.

We are also taking orders for Valentine's Day. You can choose to sew a heart on the doll's bum, chest or arm. You can even do this on the bum or ribcage depending on the space I have to play with. Orders open for Valentine's till 31st January 2010!!

Emeow us today!

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