Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Hanging Around

The sun is out & bright today, so the kitties wanted to come out to hang around.....

..... literally....

Ana - She looks a bit bewildered, but she knows she's analogous!

Glocks - He's wearing gloves & socks!

SportySweets - A vain (probably quite vapid too) but sweet, sporty-looking girl. Maybe she just wants to hook up with a jock.

SportySweets is made out of tube socks! We HEART HEART HEART tube socks!! In fact, she looks like she's wearing tube socks herself! & matching bangles.

Do you notice what these kitties all have in common? ;) Well they're all plain, with details on the limbs. :)

Ana & Glocks - $59 each

SportySweets - $69

Optional :

1) Embroidered Name - $5 per name

2) Embroidered Eyes - $5



Ana has gone home to Francine with new eyes & an embroidered bum. She's 1 year of age at 09/04/11. Happy birthday Francine!


  1. Ana has gone home!! Her eyes were changed too!

  2. Actually, SportySweets has flown the nest a while ago too. Only Glocks is left & even so.... Check out his new ears here: http://smeowlycats.blogspot.com/2011/02/sovess-new-ears.html