Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bye bye kitties... Off to New Home You Go

I sent these kitties on their way to their new home yesterday:

The red (Ashlee), grey (Kaitlyn) & green (Matty) are to be re-homed to Australia around Christmas time, whilst the pink (Lynette) is staying here in Singapore!

I have got too many pictures of large-sized 'Got More Fish' Gang so I'm showing my handywork.

Another 'L' GMFG with a name on her tush.

I hope the new owners like them as much as I loved making them. :)

Sock kitties - $59
'Got More Fish?' Gang - $89

1) embroidered eyes - $5
2) embroidered names - $5

1 comment:

  1. DO NOT include the large 'Got More Fish?' Gang in your count of total SmeowlyCats (they appeared in a previous photo), if you are taking part in the 'Count the Total SmeowlyCats' competition. Winner to be announced on 28/02/2011!