Monday, June 21, 2010

Moonshine the Lying Down Kitty

Hello there!

Meet our latest orphan, Moonshine. I cannot decide if he is upset because he has not enough catnip or too much off it... but please do note that his eyes are a tad bloodshot.....

......& we wonder why he has to have a lie down........

.... Side view of him lying down..... (BTW, he only comes out at night)

I don't know if anyone would have noticed, but I MUST point out that Moonshine was made out of a heel-less sock. I always had an issue with heel-less socks when making the sitting-down kitties, as they then tend to stand instead of sit, like so:

Observe these 4 kities closely. Cute, yes? Matty on the extreme right sits nicely, because of the presence of a bum, as he was made by socks with heel. The rest of the girls seem to be standing up (or lying on their backs perpectually).

Back view of the kitties.... 3 bumless girls on the left & one boy with bum on the right. Nothing at all wrong with standing kitties, really; the colours for the heel-less socks are way prettier, but my preference is still for heelful (yes I know there is no such word) socks for sitting kitties & heel-less socks for the new lying down kitties like Moonshine. Am I being too fussy?

I really should have thought of this design EONS ago, but better late than never... You obviously can't make Moonshine out of socks with heels.... well, actually, you can, but what a waste of a sock with heel.

TAG! He's it!

Please note that he is the VERY FIRST doll with a SmeowlyCats tag on him!!!! Yes... he (& the rest of his friends) is still sewn (& designed) lovingly by me & me myself!!

One thing to note about the sock animals is that they are done without patterns, so I cannot replicate exactly the same one for you... I can only do one that might be very similar to it, provided I can find the sock again. & yes, if you really insist, I can use any type of sock for any type of design. ;)

Moonshine - $59

1) Embroidered Name - $5 per name
2) Embroidered Eyes - $5

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