Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Kitty for Sandra

A girl called Sandra loves the colour purple. Her friend ordered her a SmeowlyCat ala custom Duke Orange for her birthday! Her specifications for the kitty were: red body, but with blue markings (red & blue make purple) & a mouth shaped like the number '3', instead of the usual wide grin that I give the 'Got More Fish?' Gang.

Anyway, I believe Sandra's birtday fell on the 8th of August, but I could be wrong as they could have just celebrated her birthday on the 8th.

Anyhow, Happy Birthday Sandra, our new SmeowlyFriend!

It seems like quite a lot of work sewing these markings & indeed, it is quite a bit. But when you (or rather, 'I') are sewing it, it's quite enjoyable & therapeutic. I don't know if anyone would share my sentiments, as I could be the oddball around here. Perhaps it could be the marking of places to machine the stripey features, rather than the machining itself that I actually dislike.

A nice, sweet smile, as opposed to maniacally-looking-for-fish, crazed grin.

Close up of Sandra's arm & leg features.

The corduroy bottom!

I think this is my BEST hand-embroidery of a name, to-date! I do not purposely choose whether I want to do them nicely or not, so was pleasantly surprised when I finished it & took an overall look at it.

Her tail. Hehe

Sandra kitty 23cm - $79 (including embroidered eyes, name & machined-on body markings)

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