Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Huggable Meows!

So I have been concentrating mostly on smaller softies, but I realise that softies love to be hugged too! Especially when you are watching teevee! They are a great conversation piece for the living room as well!

So I made:

These giant sized MiniMeows (no, not like The Giants). The words 'giant' & 'mini' kind of cancel each other out, so I am calling these guys 'Meows'. I chucked in the lil MiniMeow for size comparison too. The Meows are approximately 37cm in height (that's all the way to the tip of the ear).

I also made these elongated ones. Little kids would love these as bolsters, hence the name Mowlsters. These fellows are approximately 55cm in height.

As usual, these fellows are customisable. Just drop me an email & we can suss out the fabrics from there!

Shipping cost is to be advised as these fellows seem to be bigger than the norm for regular postage.

Meows - $79
Mowlsters - $89


Embroidered eyes - $5

Embroidered name - $10

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