Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tania, the Pole-Dancing Kitty

This was fun! I got a request for a pole-dancing cat (ie. a cat on a stick) & I suggested it be a hanging kitty, cos it might look like a cat on a pogo-stick otherwise... or something.

Incidentally, about a month ago, I was watching the news... & they were saying that guys were picking up pole-dancing too.. I don't know how sexy THAT is, really.. & I don't care what kind of wonderous stunts they can do because of 'superior upper body strength'.

ANYWAYS, back to our star:

Hello. I'm Tania & I just picked up pole-dancing!

The pole is wrapped with this GORGEOUS grey velvet ribbon. I initially wanted to go for the shiny satin ribbon to mimic the shiny metallic pole, but couldn't resist when I saw this ribbon! Turned out so nice, right?
Tania - $90 (everything in as she's custom)

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