Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Stuffed!!!

No, I'm not being rude... these fellas really need to get stuffed... after getting ears, arms & tails....

' What did you say?? Speak up!!'

Normally, these are the steps I go through:
1) Sew the ears first,
2) sew the features,
3) sew up the arms & tail...
4) stuff & sew the arms & tail (tail doesn't need stuffing though) on,
5) sew the legs (leaving a hole preferably on the inside of one leg, to stuff),
6) overturn the whole thing (carefully),
7) optional: sew the name on the doll,
8) stuff the whole body,
9) lastly, hand-stitch the hole up...
(A whole pair of socks is used per kitty, btw)

This time, as I am tired of switching from machining, to hand sewing & back to machining again for every piece, I decided to just sew the features on first, then sew socks of a similar colour all at once.

Save time & do things a little differently, yes?

I also have 8 pieces of large 'Got More Fish Gang' & a Languid Lyon all cut out & ready to be sewn, but I made so many GMFG previously that I am pooped.... I will make them up in due time though... Be warned!!!

Red & Grey (front) & Pink & Tan Stripes (toes socks on right, appr. 30cm) 'Regular' - $59 each
Black (knee length sock) 'Large' - $89
4 stripey socks at the back (appr 40 to 45cm) 'Medium' - $69

1) Embroidered name - $5
2) Embroidered eyes (especially important for babies) - $5

Note: This post was meant to entertain myself. :P

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