Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Special X'mas 2011 Collection Coming Soon!

So I bought these socks with snowflake designs on them awhile back, thinking of X'mas. Well then, X'mas is looming over us once again!

I am working on them now & I should be done at the very latest by next week. I am SOOOO excited, so I decided to blabber on about it for a bit. Got no sneaks for you this time round. Sorry. Don't want to spoil the surprise, really. Well, ok, it's not much of a surprise, since you already KNOW they are sock kitties with snowflake designs on them, but hey, the pictures say it all, don't they?

Incidentally, I am giving one free name embroidery per kitty (well, or any other form of animal) order this X'mas.

Meowy Christmas!!

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