Thursday, October 13, 2011

Christmas Snowflake Collection! (& a Straggler)

Like I said before. I bought these Christmassy socks in anticipation of Christmas & finally... it's LOOMING over us! So here they are...

This is Flaky. She is made from one of those super warm socks, you know, the type with towelling on the inside to keep your feet toasty warm in cold weather. I like using these socks for the dolls. Flaky is approximately 29cm in length.

Flaky's got embroidered eyes.

Leg & arm detail.

W. Winter (Warm Winter). I like her colours. Approximately 35cm in length.

W. Winter's face detail.

W. Winter's Leg & arm details.

C. Winter (Cool Winter). Oh he of muted tones. Approximately 35cm in length.

Face detail of C. Winter. Yellow embroidered eyes.

Leg & arm detail.

A. Winter (Autumn Winter). Approximately 35cm in length.

A. Winter's face detail.

A Winter's leg & arm detail.

Er, this is Spinks, the straggler. She has been waiting for me to finish her since the Purrzaar in June (guilty look) & I forgot about her till I found her deflated, lifeless, dismembered body in my box of 'pending softies to sew'. She's hardly a snowflake, but she's pretty all the same.

I still maintain that red eyes on innocent softies are nothing to be afraid of.

Flaky & C. Winter - $63 each
A. Winter & W. Winter - $59 each
Spinks - $69

Embroidered name - $5

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  1. Bye bye Spinks. She's gone to join many friends in a loving home!