Thursday, October 6, 2011

Of Stripes & Lazy Cats

Hidey ho! I have been lazy for the most part of the past few months, but have gotten into gear to produce these lazing kitties! They are all approximately 70cm in length. They are made from arm-warmers & are as usual, stuffed with natural cotton stuffing.


Candy. She's sweet!

Close-up of Candy's face.

Eco. He's green!

Close-up of Eco's face.

Honey. She's got mis-matched eyes.

Close-up of Honey's face.

Jai.He's just an 'l' short of 'jail'.

Jai's face,close-up.

Sky. He can't open a can... yet.

Close-up of Sky's face.

Honey, Eco & Candy - $89 each

Jai & Sky - $93 each


Embroidered name - $5 per name

1 comment:

  1. Bye bye Candy & Jai as they have long gone home! Jai is my favourite of the lot, too!