Friday, October 21, 2011

Candy Cane Gang!

Ah, I am obviously gearing up & in full-blown Christmas mode here. Yes, I know the retail shops haven't blasted Christmas songs yet & Orchard Road isn't deck out in Christmas decor as of yet, but here in hand-made land, as we're a tad bit slow production-wise, we have to start hollering about our X'mas themed wares early, isn't it? So here is batch 2 of SmeowlyCats's Christmas Collection 2011.

This here is Candice Cane. She is 50cm in height.

Candice Cane has a sweet face!

This is Minty Cane. She is 89cm in height.

Minty Cane has a pouty face.

This is Pepper Cane. She is 81cm in height.

Happy Pepper Cane!

Argy Sweater. She is 34cm in height.

Argy Sweater is the manifestation of my having read countless books & watched movies about families spending Christmas together. There will ALWAYS be this auntie who dishes out X'mas pressies of hideous (& most probably, argyle) sweaters that the receipient will be forced to say 'I LOVE IT!' & wear it on the spot. Argy Sweater WILL be joined by more of the Sweater Gang. I guarantee it!

Argy Sweater, all snuggly warm. Incidentally, she is made out of those toasty warm socks. You know, the type with towelling on the inside. Thermal socks? Horrid (to wear) for the weather in Singapore, but LOVELY for cold countries!!

All scarves used here are just props. They are not included when you purchase the softy. However, you can custom a scarf for a small fee on top of the price of the softy. Cheers!

Candice Cane - $69

Pepper & Minty Cane - $99 each

Agry Sweater - $59

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  1. Candice Cane found herself a loving home at the Public Garden Flea Market. :)