Sunday, November 6, 2011

Left This Out From A While Back :S

I have no idea why, but I missed posting these fellows up. Could be that it was because I was busy with the June Purrzaar (Egads!) that I forgot?

This is Lizzy. She'd be roughly 30cm in length.

Sweet isn't she?

This is Slinky. Slinky is not available anymore as he has been homed. I cannot remember his length though. I just know that he's longer than Lizzy. Maybe something like 35cm in length.

Yes, I do have a weird fascination with kitties with different coloured eyes.

Ditty, like Slinky is also enjoying her new life in a cushy home. She is about the same length as Lizzy, if I recall correctly.


As always, none of these patchy kitties are repeatable, but I will always sew up new ones, so do keep a constant look out for the one that might have your name on it!

Lizzy, Slinky & Ditty - $79 each

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  1. Hello!! We met at Public Garden :) Love your cats and especially Lizzy!! Have linked you up on my website... do drop by....