Monday, December 6, 2010

Kimmie for Korea!

This is Kimmie. Mummy fell in love with Sammie & got one made for Lil Louis. If you did click on Sammie's link, you would have noticed that the shape of their faces are some what different. The reason behind this is that these fellows are done patternless & will not necessarily look exactly the same. Not even if you put a gun to my head.

Anyong Haseyo! My name is Kimmie. I will go home to Seoul in January 2011. Mummy will collect me personally.

My belly, it is filled with beads. I will calm Lil Louis, the newborn down, if he is feeling agitated.

I have a friend. He is a MiniMeow. We were made from the same fabric. Mummy likes strong, plain colours, so I do not have colourful stripes like MiniMeow does.

I have a tag! All of us do! But mine is on my hind paw, so when Lil Louis decide to use me as a pillow, the tag will not irritate his face!


Kimmie: $80 (inclusive of embroidered eyes)
MiniMeow friend: $29

Embroidered name: $5

Embroidered eyes : $5

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  1. DO NOT include the little MiniMeow in your 'Count the Total SmeowlyCats' count.