Friday, December 17, 2010

Gone Home for the Holidays!

Vera II. She's got button eyes, not embroidered because she is not meant for a baby. A babe, very possibly, but not the diaper-wearing type. I delivered Vera II to the Burberry shop in Ion Orchard, as I was in town yesterday. BIG MISTAKE, because I saw this ultra gorrrrrrgeous studded bag going for a whopping SGD$2495 & now, I covet it. But I digress.....

People love my cheerful stripey colours!

Button eyes, instead of Lil Vera's embroidered eyes.

This is Timmy & Pillow. They are, in real life, happily homed kitties & have been immortalised for Christmas!

Timmy has amber eyes.

Oo check out my handywork.

A medium stump of a tail with a kink!

Almost all-white Pillow

Pillow's tail actually has faint grey stripes, but I didn't have any appropriately striped fabric. The stripey bits are represented by the gray tip of his tail. I stole the fabric for Pillow's tail from another sock. Guess which sock? :P

Diana. She's not actually a Christmas present. She will be shipped to the US for Diana's birthday in January.

A bit disgruntled looking, but still cute. Haha.

OOh check out my handywork again. :P

Timmy, Diana - $59 + $5 (embroidered name) = $64
Vera - $59
Pillow - $69 + $5 (embroidered name) = $74

Embroidered eyes - $5
Embroidered name - $5

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