Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Klutzy Pairsome & a Pilot

Good day folks!

A klutzy (bumbly) pair have joined our family! Please welcome......

........Bee & Bumble

It's obvious why Bee has been named Bee....

Bumble has a nice ring to him! Also, he is a bumbling klutz.

Pilot, as after she was sewn up, she reminded me of a WW1 pilot. She just needs the goggles & white scarf to complete the look! She can't afford to be klutzy.

Pilot has been adopted. :)

Fear not folks! There is more to come! I have a few dollies waiting to be photographed. It's just that their matching partners have not been sewn up yet.

Bumble & Bee - $59 each

Pilot - $69

$5 per name

$5 per pair of embroidered eyes

Much Meows!

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