Monday, August 16, 2010

New Range! MiniSmeowlies!

Introducing the new range of MiniSmeowlies. The first in the range... MiniMeows! For obvious reasons, of course....

I actually made 10 pieces of turquoise & 3 of red (6 more to go, all cut out already). That's all I had the time to do before their debut at Jaydon's (my good friend's 6 year old son) birthday bash, which had a carnival theme. Sadly, it's his last big birthday bash till he decides to throw himself one of his own, & will will miss a good yearly party with plenty of good eats & observations of kids & how they grow up every year.

Anyways, the MiniMeows:

Red MiniMeows
We were 3, now we are 2, waiting for 6 to be born!

Turquoise MiniMeows

Please state our numbers to enquire after us! We are from top left to bottom right:


We is born! Someone got re-homed though, so... we is 7, instead of 8.

We is, from top left to bottom right:


MiniMeows - $29

Embroidered eyes - $5
Embroidered name - $5/name
(can't fit much though.. they are minis!)

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