Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gingham 'Got More Fish?' Gang

Behold the Gingham Gang. Someone's mad about gingham checks around here in a big way!

Meowllo. I am Amanda. I am a popular sized cat.

Meowllo. We are Berry & Ian, upsized cats. 45cm, up from 35cm.

See the difference!!

Yes, I am being handywork whore.


And again. Bwaahaa.

XL Daphne. Amanda's ma.

The whole gang together, with Daphne (far right), last mintue latest addition, Amanda's mummy!

'Got More Fish?' Gang 35cm - $89
'Got More Fish?' Gang 45cm - $119

Embroidered name - $5/name
Embroidered eyes - $5/pair

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