Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rooney & Red, the Sock Monkey-Inspired Cats

These 2 love to lounge around the couch & watch a spot of telly. They are always together & love each other very much!

Rooney & Red, at the telly... again.

The inspiration behind the design of these cats is actually from Sock Monkeys, which I find a totally genius use for a sock!

I basically sewed a piece of jersey material into a tube & fashioned the long arms & legs accordingly. The hardest bit about this was actually sewing the arms onto the body AFTER the body/tube had been sewn up. Also, for the sock monkey, they teach you to leave the opening for stuffing the monkey in the CROTCH area, which I don't really like, as it's a little tougher to handstitch the crotch, which is a rather tight & awkward area to stitch up, rather than say, well, a straight seam, like the side of the leg. That's for the socks though. Since these cats weren't made from socks, I left the opening in the upper back, whilst sewing up the body/tube.

I should have done the arms 1st, but it was just a trial & error thing. Well hey, at least NOW I know.

Rooney - $79
Red - $79 + $5 (embroidered eyes) = $84

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