Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pressie for a Newborn

Yes. It HAS been a long time. I have been busy with a baby, hence, have not been sewing randomly new softies. Pity. Well, you win some& you lose some. So I do still accept custom requests & all. Just... don't expect me to rush out the orders like I used to be able to.

Mishel the kitty for a newborn. Well, I guess she's soon to be an infant, rather than newborn now/soon, as this is a part of a pressie for her 1st month celebration.

It's really been awhile since I stitched something! When they say that a baby takes up all if your time, they're really not kidding! Luckily, we stay with my in-laws, so they (happily) share the responsibilities. Well... so far, anyway. We are waiting to see how long (ie. how heavy) more we can last rocking (yes... you read correctly... ROCKING) him to sleep.

Mishel is approximately 30cm & costed $69

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